christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Throwback Thursday: Snoopy and Me Under the Tree

This was back when we had a living room and a den. The living room was in the front and had a fireplace, and that brown sectional couch we loved so much. Its normal configuration went all the way across that wall, and we just moved one section out to make room for the tree.


Through a door on the opposite wall was the den, where the TV was. That stayed the same over the years, but the living room changed a lot. The seating eventually went away because my mom wanted a desk. I had to get a desk in there, too, once teachers decided all papers had to be typed up. The stereo the size of two coffins stacked went away and was replaced with a tall stereo cabinet in the spot where the tree is here. That eventually went away, too, when we got a cool podium with a gigantic dictionary on it. My least favorite change was when my dad took out the amazing brick planter that you'd see first thing when you walked in.

I kinda wish we would have gotten a sectional for our current house, but sofas and love seats that recline, along with recliners, work so much better in the age of laptops. It's interesting to think about how much of an impact it has. It was the need to have a place to sit at the computer that changed our living room into an office back home. And now my biggest furniture challenge is trying to find or design a perfect side table that's big enough for plates and beverages, with a safe spot for a laptop, that also somehow keeps cats off it completely.

Computers and cats. They rule everything around me.

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