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Finally, I can share
Press Your Luck
Downstairs in our lounge, I've got a wall full of Zima memorabilia, and Garrett's got one for Rainier Beer. I've been collecting Zima stuff for a long time, whereas Garrett's collection started more recently with items from his grandmother's collection. A few months ago, I decided to add to his collection for him for Christmas, and set up a "rainier sign" daily search email on eBay alongside my "zima" one.

New Rainier Signs for the lounge

He already had the two in the upper left, the other four are the ones I picked up. He hung them today and added them to his remote control.

Our little lounge is coming along nicely! Garrett got me awesome gifts as well. Two things I've wanted for years but kept putting off buying for myself. A culinary torch, and a Roomba! I've named her Rhonda.

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A culinary torch, and a Roomba

I've always wondered if Roombas were really worthwhile (for anything beyond scaring the shit out of pets, that is). Please give progress reports on its functionality/reliability.

We already like her a lot. The amount of stuff we dumped after her initial run was pretty surprising. We figure if we send Rhonda through the upstairs area every day or two, the cat hair the flies everywhere and the litter that gets tracked around should be kept at bay nicely, so that main entertaining area should always be nice.

But of course, we also have to be careful. I definitely won't be putting her on an automatic schedule, because it's important to check around for cat puke first, or she'll make a huge mess. :)

LOL! Rhonda the Roomba!! So jealous! I would love one of those!!

She's a nice addition, that's for sure.

omg we will come over sometime soon please

That Rainier wall is awesome.

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