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575 sconce

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Just when I thought there was nothing to see...
Press Your Luck
I recently realized I still haven't checked out some of the side streets on my current typical route, the ones that are East and North of my path here, near the three-mile mark.

Today's awesome walk, 4.92 miles in 1:29, 10,583 steps, 592ft gain
4.92 miles in 1:29, 10,583 steps, 592ft gain

But I decided today would be a dumb day for it. It was pitch black out and I'd like to see what the houses actually look like, not just their porch lights and glowing TVs. Some other time. Nice walk, though, and I saw something you're unlikely to see later in the day.

Owl pal.

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OWL! Great photo! Is it a Barred Owl? Who cooks for you?

Alas, it was completely silent for our entire encounter.

I am so excited by this owl. It looks like a drawing!

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