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Sunny and Cold
Press Your Luck
I'll never forget the first time I saw a really sunny winter day in Seattle. I was in the office and couldn't believe how bright it was, and figured it'd be so nice and warm outside. Wrong! During the winter, the clouds are the PNW's cozy little blanket. Clear days are the coldest of all.

I didn't know today would be one of those days when I decided to stay in. I just wasn't feeling so hot after a night out at Taco Tuesday and Naughty Bingo. The timing was so great, though, because everything was completely frosted over when I finally looked out the window.


I don't really mind walking when it's cold, as I don't feel cold because of the activity. But yesterday when I got back and got in the shower, the hot water hurt when it hit my legs, they'd gotten that cold. I have cold weather tights and may have to bust them out if this keeps up.

Naughty Bingo was fun. The host who took over a couple of months ago lives next door to our friend Drew, who joined us, along with his brother Kyle, who's also a good friend of ours. They're Garrett's oldest friends, in fact. Bingo's free to play, and the prizes are sex toys and the like. Garrett and another guy tied on one round, and Garrett lost the tiebreaker, so his prize was a half-price drink ticket. The real prize was a deck of cards featuring Colt models in leather, which the winning guy didn't want, so they traded. It's pretty awesome that such a gay prize was even in the bag.

Got the recycling and garbage ready for tomorrow and am quite proud of how many boxes I managed to collapse and stuff into the tiny bin.

Mad recycling skillz

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