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Saturday is my designated day off from morning walks. This dates back to years ago, when our Saturday morning ritual was coffee and Fashion Police. Yesterday was a rare exception, though, because Garrett decided to spend the day working on a freelance project. I decided to finally see a couple of places near Big Gulch that I've been wondering about.

Today's awesome walk, 4.18 miles in 1:26, 8,980 steps, 440ft gain
4.18 miles in 1:26, 8,980 steps, 440ft gain

Whenever I've parked at 92nd Street Park and walked down to enter Big Gulch, I've wondered about Olympus Terrace, the neighborhood opposite the one I cut through. At first glance, it looks like it'd be very similar, and at first, it is. Very fancy houses perched precariously on steep hills with killer views and scary drop-offs. Unlike on the other side, which is fancy through and through, there's suddenly a private road with a bunch of smaller, weirder houses, along with property for sale. I even saw a tiny house. You know, the ones that are all the rage. Apparently it gets its heat from a wood-burning fireplace, because its wood shed was about as big as the house.

I shouldn't have gone that way, though. The "private road" warnings on the side I entered made me think maybe it was for one of the driveways, but about halfway through, I realized I should have heeded the warning. I thought it was scary enough when the road went from two lanes to one, and the former second lane was crumbling off on a cliff, but it got even worse down below where it was covered with ice all the way across. I'm shocked I made it all the way through without slipping and falling. Once I emerged, I saw a sign on that side warning that pedestrians are prohibited, and you know what? I'm cool with it. That road's not good for walking and I won't be back. The climb was good, though.

The straight part of the walk where mile 3 is, is a path I've wondered about. I've seen both ends of it on other walks because one's close to 92nd Street Park and the other's close to the business park I often cut through when I do the Japanese Gulch. So I finally walked it. It's kinda boring, but you know what? A lot of streets in that area where I walk are boring and don't have a nice separate trail. I'll take it.

I was determined to get up and do a walk this morning no matter how cold it was, and of course, the challenge was there. I grabbed my phone and refreshed the weather app. 17 degrees out. That's fine. I've been wanting to return to Spencer Island and Langus Riverfront Park, so I jumped in the car and went.

It didn't feel so cold at first, but it definitely caught up with me. My beard froze again, and for the first time that I remember, I couldn't take a drink from my hydration pack because the water in the tube was frozen. It was still quite beautiful out.


Today's awesome walk, 4.02 miles in 1:12, 8,634 steps
4.02 miles in 1:12, 8,634 steps

I wasn't going to cross over to the island because the bridges can be pretty slippery when it's icy out, but I wanted to get to four miles, so I crossed one bridge and went until the app said I'd gone two miles. I chose this map view today because I was so delighted by the contrast between the Western and Eastern halves.

I'm still trying to shake off the cold feeling, though. I swear my thighs are still burning a bit from the shower when I got home.


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