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I really wish I'd gone to Japanese Gulch yesterday. Its Facebook page posted a video of the snow falling there and I asked if it was cold enough to make the mud that's in the center trail freeze. They said yes, but it was already warming up. Probably could have had a decent time if went there. Oh well. This morning, it was out of the question. Everything everywhere was wet and slick, so I decided to just go to Lowell Riverfront Trail where it's paved. I definitely wasn't going to be walking in my neighborhood, which requires walking up the curve of Mukilteo Boulevard with cars speeding by and no sidewalk. I've long since gotten over the fear of it in regular weather, but if I know the roads are slick? Noooope.

Today's awesome walk, 2.57 miles in 45 minutes, 5,535 steps
2.57 miles in 45 minutes, 5,535 steps

I hoped the construction crew wouldn't be around because I've been wanting to walk past their site (the big white area on the map) and up the road to do a big loop. Not only were they there, but they were actually on the trail, blocking my way to the very last portion of it. How rude! I wonder when this new neighborhood will finally be done.

The other end of the trail was also blocked. Well, not blocked off, but covered with ice. I kept going until the ice reached all the way across, and decided it wasn't worth the slip risk. I like my wrists and knees and tailbone too much.

It was still very pretty there, though! It's a place that's always nice, like the UW Arboretum.


It was weird to see so much of the water frozen. The main wetlands weren't, but these gigantic areas that have probably been filled with waters since the recent floods were.



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