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My new lamp
Press Your Luck
I've been wanting a lamp or two for the lounge. There are sconces on the walls, but they don't do much. There's a brighter light, but it's right above where we sit, and it's a bit much. So I figured I'd try to find a lamp or two for the end tables. I found a set of seahorse lamps that I liked on Amazon, but didn't want to grab them right away without seeing what else I could come up with. Then this gigantic wine bottle came into my life.

Check out this ridiculously huge bottle of wine. I'm making a lamp out of it.

Thankfully, it's very easy to make a lamp out of a wine bottle. They sell lamp fixtures attached to corks, and you just pop them right in! I didn't have to pay for the wine bottle, it was a hostess gift from my niece to my sister-in-law, and she gave it to me when I said I'd make a lamp. The kit and the shade were $58 total, but I got them for free because I paid with reward points from my credit card.

A lamp I made out of a huge wine bottle. Apple provided for scale.

Since I took this photo, we added a vinyl record to the top so it's not bright when you look down. That also makes a nice halo of light on the ceiling instead of a huge bright spot.  

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Cool! I must see if they do lamp fittings like that over here.

If you start looking for one, definitely note the wattage. I was surprised when it got here that it's only rated for 40 watts or below. Definitely not super bright.

They also make cool ones that shine a light down into the bottle. Wasn't what I was looking for for this project, but they're neat!

It's very cool, and it's probably the only one like it in the world!

Thanks! And the odds that it's the only definitely makes me like it even more.

that is awesome! how does it look with the record on top? did you get the lamp fixtures on amazon? i got a bigass amazon card for xmas.

The record looks great since I took the shade apart and mounted it underneath the wires that go out to the sides of the shade instead of trying to balance it on top.


I did indeed get the fixture on Amazon. It's this one. I also had to get this thing and am glad I thought of it while I was ordering the shade and the fixture.

I do most of my shopping on Amazon tbh. It's really frustrating to drive around and not find what I want.

Nice! I wonder how it would look if you found one of those colored records. Blue or green or something.

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