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Doing the thing I've been saying I was gonna do

I've got conference calls this afternoon, so I decided this morning would be a good day to wait until it was light out and go look at the streets in View Ridge that I hadn't seen yet. I plotted out a four-mile route to do there yesterday, so I drove today, because walking would be another three miles round trip, and seven miles is a bit much for a weekday.

View Ridge is a neighborhood I had my eye on when we were looking for a house, but there wasn't a single house there at the time. And that's ok, because we probably wouldn't have found anything we liked enough there in our price range anyway. There are truly stunning ones that are way too expensive, and the ones in our price range if they were available are on the main street and aren't very private. But the fact that it's so far away from any shopping, restaurants, or bars would have been a huge turn-off.

But I love living next to it as it's a great place to walk. Always beautiful.


Today's awesome walk, 3.35 miles in one hour, 7,214 steps, 173ft gain
3.35 miles in one hour, 7,214 steps, 173ft gain

I forgot during the walk that my original route had me going all the way down to Howarth Park as I have been lately, and that would have doubled the climb, but that's ok. All the streets were very pretty, and the ones I wasn't familiar with had huge dropoffs next to them, which I wasn't expecting for some reason.


It makes sense if you look at the map, though. Why else would there be no streets there? A lot of the houses that are there take advantage of that dropoff, with what amounts to a front door and a garage on the side facing the street, and all the windows facing the water in the back. Because why would you want to look at the street when you could look at the sound?

I think if I had a house on a street like that, my basketball hoop would be on my driveway instead of across the street where the ball could be lost forever if I missed.


On the way out, I saw the back entrance to the lion house. From there, you get to see the view this property enjoys.



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