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Dog day morning
Press Your Luck
Wasn't actually sure I'd have a walk today, but Garrett replaced a monitor on his desk and decided to try it out with a virtual flight, so I headed out. Inspired by my awesome idea Friday, I started over by the Mukilteo Community Garden and headed North. I've been frustrated by the lack of a way across the creek where Bowling Ball joins up with the center trail, so I figured I'd just walk down it from the top and then back up. It was fun.

I think it was the most people I've ever seen in Japanese Gulch in a single visit, and they all had dogs. I saw SEVEN dogs! Only two of them were on leashes. Every other time, I'd turn a corner, see a dog up ahead, and the dog would think for a second and then either come up to meet me or run back to their owner. Either way, they were all very sweet, though the two that were kept on their leash were a bit jumpy.

'twas a typical beautiful stroll.


The views today across the gulch to the other side were really quite amazing.


I also made good use of those mud-avoiding side trails again.


Today's awesome walk, 2.93 miles in 1:02, 6,308 steps, 196ft gain
2.93 miles in 1:02, 6,308 steps, 196ft gain

I chose the OpenStreet map today because some of the trails are on it, and it's interesting to see how many aren't. The next one you see touching the creek below the one I took here is Rusty Car, which means Bowling Ball Adjacent is missing. I can't remember if Rollercoaster is North or South of Rusty Car, but it's also missing, along with a whole bunch of others on the Eastern side. It's still fun to see that some of them are available in that mapping system, though.

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Do you know why it's called Japanese gulch? Seems an odd name.

I suppose most places with trees are used by dog walkers.

It never occurred to me to look up why it's called that. Turns out Japanese lumber workers used to live there.


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