christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

A case of the Mondays

I'm not the best sleeper lately by any means, and Sunday nights seem like they're always the worst. I just don't transition that well from weekends to weekdays. Especially after fun Sunday nights, like with cocktails and the Golden Globes. I woke up for a while at 1:30am and have been dragging a lot today. I definitely didn't feel like going out in the dark for a walk, so I figured I'd either do an afternoon walk, or hit the pool.

It's been pretty nasty out today, so the swim won. I wanted a nap instead, but I headed over anyway. And once I got there, I wish I'd napped. I don't know if there's a school event or inservice day or what, but there were tons of kids there. I got 25 minutes in, saw my chance in the form of a hole in the crowd of kids between me and the ladder, and headed out.

Pho sounded fantastic, so I headed over to one of the only Vietnamese restaurants around I haven't been to yet. It's small and weird, and it's been there forever, so of course their food's pretty great. The broth in my pho was so good, I didn't even add any hoisin. One thing that place has that I've never seen anywhere else is a drive-up pickup window for phoned-in orders. I'd hesitate to use it because the parking lot is small enough that cars might not be able to turn in if I did, plus I asked for less noodles in my pho today which is a standard menu option in tons of places and he looked at me like I had two heads. So I'd just as soon not have any phone misunderstandings. Oh and even though I ordered by number today, the tendon was still left out of my rare beef and tendon pho. But still, it was amazing.

Speaking of lunches, I think I'm just about done with my 9-meals-per-week vegan experiment. I haven't mentioned it lately because there were a lot of vacation days, and I also had a huge supply of meals I made and then froze. As I approach the last few of those servings, I'm really dreading making more, so I probably won't right away. I'll do one once in a while and I'll definitely keep making the granola, but otherwise I'm fine with allowing more regular foods back into my lunches. I'm especially looking forward to maybe adding an additional lunch out each week. There are lots of places to try and lots I already like, and once out a week isn't really enough.

I think a better strategy might also be to serve some of those meals as dinners instead of just making them myself and having them for lunch and sharing them with Garrett in his lunches. I think part of why I've found the cooking so exhausting is that I'll spend a good portion of the afternoon making something, only to turn around and make something else entirely for dinner. Too much kitchen time for one day, for sure.

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