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Routines new and old

This has definitely become a signature route.

Today's awesome walk, 4.85 miles in 1:29, 10,429 steps, 594ft gain
4.85 miles in 1:29, 10,429 steps, 594ft gain

It's a little surprising to find out it's a longer walk and more of a climb than this standard one I was doing at Japanese Gulch a lot. And I save a lot of time by not driving out there and back. I'm glad I looked this up, because of course I like Japanese Gulch a lot more because it's so nice and quiet and natural, but today's walk is available even in the heaviest of rain.

Lunch today was quite awesome. I made meatloaf in the pressure cooker last night, which was great, and used a chunk of that to make some sliders for lunch. I've really missed repurposing leftovers to make an awesome lunch, which was one of my favorite things about working from home.

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    Person refuses to leave the hospital in a wheelchair even though it's hospital policy.

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    The danger in a situation such as a car chase is exaggerated by the presence of nuns, either walking as a group or traveling in a bus.

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