christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Glad I asked

Even though I swam on Monday, I decided to proceed with my Wednesday yoga and swimming routine anyway. Mostly because I didn't want to skip the yoga. And I hoped to have a better swim than Monday's, with fewer kids around. Having already done 30 Days of Yoga, day 4 (Yoga for Your Back) many times in a row, I figured it was time to do a different one. Day 12 (Yoga for Spinal Health) is a couple of minutes shorter, but much more difficult. Not in the amount of effort, but because there are a lot of one-legged standing poses, and they require a lot of balance. Thankfully, the ceiling in the basement is pretty low, and I can put my hand up against it to hold on if need be.

When I got to the pool at noon, the attendant asked if I'd like to fill out a survey. One of the questions was what I'd change about their programming if I could, and I was about to write down that there should be an early morning open swim. Then I thought, I should really ask about this before I write anything. I've walked by on my morning walks recently and seen older women swimming in the deep end, so I figured maybe everyone was allowed. So I asked, during the Parent-Tot swim, can anyone come or do they have to have a child with them? She said no, that's just one of the offerings, and I should feel free to come.

I'm being cautiously optimistic, but looking forward to trying a morning swim soon. I really do prefer mornings for that sort of thing. Obviously.

Had another meat loaf sandwich when I got home today, using the second of two hunks I said aside for this purpose. That's a good six meals that recipe yielded: two servings the first night, one I sent as Garrett's lunch the next day, another just like that one I froze, and two sandwiches worth. Not bad!

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