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Today went swimmingly
Press Your Luck
I pulled up to the swim center a few minutes after 6am today, walked in worried that I'd be turned away, and wasn't! It was so glorious. Even though it's the designated parent-tot swim time, I didn't see a single tot the whole time. It was pretty great. Two older ladies shared the deep end with me and kept mostly to the other side.

I swam for a solid 45 minutes for the second day in a row. As I was getting out, the manager happened to be sitting in the lifeguard chair by the ladder, and he said, "You're here early!" I said I didn't realize until yesterday that I was allowed to visit that early, but I refrained from mentioning that it was he who held up a copy of the schedule and pointed at the afternoon and evening open swims and told me those were the times I could come. Harumph.

But I'm so happy I know I can go in the morning now. This is especially great because that means I can go in the summer and not worry it'll be teeming with kids. I stayed away all summer in 2015 and will definitely go at least once a week this summer. And my new designated day to swim for sure will be Thursday now, in the morning, and I'll make a run to WinCo like I did today.

A girl walked into the locker room while I was drying off after my shower. Zoey, the swim center cat! I was hoping she'd hang out for a minute so I could get my phone for a photo, but apparently she didn't like what she saw, because she left rather quickly.

It occurred to me that I never took any photos at the swim center to post here, but it's mostly because it seems weird to walk all the way across once I'm done and clothed to get the shot I really want, but I figured I'd try to get a couple of shots using the windows. Then I realized it was even creepier to do it through the window. Ha. There's a really lovely collection of glass fish in one of the windows, and I thought I could get a great picture from outside. Didn't realize until it was too late that a tree is in the way.


Left Shark always watches when I swim.


The light was very lovely when I left. It made for a very pretty drive over to the store.


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