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Detour, peetour

It'd been a while since I did a loop over at the Port Gardner waterfront, and figured that'd be a nice way to start the week off. I like starting at the park and going clockwise because it's easy to park there, and much easier to cross the busy street next to the park in that direction. One drawback, though, is the lack of facilities there. There's a restroom, but the entire park is currently closed for soil remediation. Even before that, the restroom was locked the morning I tried to use it. There are others on the waterfront, thankfully.

I got out of the car needing a pit stop, so three miles later when I got to my regular rest stop, it was a big bummer to find out it was closed for maintenance and that I'd have to go another mile or so to get to the next one. So maybe for the time being, I'll start down on the waterfront so I can stop at the restroom before heading out.

But enough about that.

I normally like to get a photo of a home and a mosaic in the park when I'm in that neighborhood. It was far too dark to get any photos of houses, but with the flash, I could grab a mosaic photo.

Grand Avenue Park mosaic

I read recently that this building will move soon, and that will be the third time. Can't image too many buildings in history have been moved three times or more.


Today's awesome walk, 5.83 miles in 1:42, 12,539 steps, 230ft gain
5.83 miles in 1:42, 12,539 steps, 230ft gain

That little jaunt to the left where mile 4 occurs only happened because of the restroom kerfuffle. I generally don't go quite that far when I walk here. I wouldn't mind the extra distance, but the circumstances today made it a bit stressful.

Funnily enough, part of what can make this walk a pain is that, if you want to do a loop, it's five miles. There's no way across the railroad tracks at any point in the middle. But I just learned that there soon will be. I'm into this.

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