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Another day, another hour
Press Your Luck
Even though I went to the pool yesterday, I decided to proceed with my designated Thursday plan of a swim plus groceries. Second day in a row I did 60 minutes of treading water, and I think as long as I'm there in the morning, that'll be a suitable standard goal. I used to do half an hour or so when I went at noon, and was generally ready to go because I wanted lunch and to be away from the crowds.

Speaking of which, there was a pretty steady stream of people arriving today the entire time I was there, mostly there to do laps. One woman came with her little boy, the first tot I've seen there for Parent and Tot swim.

Tomorrow's the stress test, so I think I'll take it easy with some yoga in the morning. The test is at 1pm and I can't eat for two hours before that, so I guess I'll have breakfast early and some fruit around 10:45. I'm sure I'll be ravenous when it's over. I suppose a small lunch will be in order, and I have plenty of leftovers to do that with.

I'll head out in a while for lunch. Although I went for sushi on Monday, I'm still craving more, in the form of a chirashi bowl. I've never had one and only recently became aware of them, but they sound awesome. Of course, nowhere nearby has one, but I have a few hours to kill before my conference call and I don't mind spending some of that time in the car.

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an HOUR of treading water! Wow. That is amazing. About a million years ago I was taught somebody's "wait for rescue" technique, which was tread water for some forgotten number of minutes, float on your back for five, repeat. But I don't think I've ever considered treading water for an hour... do you find that it's aerobic for you?

I don't have a heart rate monitor or anything yet but I definitely feel pretty wiped at the end. Don't be too impressed by my ability to tread water; I'm very buoyant. ;)

Oh, I know just what you mean, and I find it very useful for snorkeling on the surface of the ocean. :) But that water resistance is serious!

It sounds like you have a really good variety of exercises to benefit your heart. I'm not sure I could tread water for 60 minutes! Kudos!!

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