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Using old techniques to find new adventures
Press Your Luck
Even though I occasionally search for articles and sites about hikes and walks, my main method for finding new places to walk is to just open Google Maps and look around. It'd been a while since I did that, though. This week, I took a look South of Big Gulch in Mukilteo to try to find the next similar place. That's how I found Meadowdale Beach Park, which I decided to check out today. It's a pretty far drive, so the traffic on a weekday would make it take too long.

I parked at the top of the park so I could make a big loop and enter the park from the bottom. That way I'd pass through the park as late as possible so there'd be some light. And it'd be a good climb. This picture's a little deceiving, it looks like it's just shady, but it was quite dark.


I wasn't actually sure if I was even still in Lynnwood, but then I noticed all the signs confirmed that I was.


Funnily enough, as I set out, I was very concerned about taking a wrong turn and having to double back. The view at these playfields distracted me, and I did just that.


Since I went the wrong way past the playfields, I ended up having to go back to them, but that ended up being a perfectly-timed bathroom break. That's when I discovered this very immodest setup.


That's the second worst bathroom in terms of privacy that I've ever seen on my walks. The first is the small men's room on the East side of Green Lake. There's no door to the men's room, the wall next to the toilet is about as big as the toilet. If you had to sit on that toilet, people passing by outside could see your bare knees, which means you'd flash them as you stood up. Oy.

I was a bit worried as I left that park because I couldn't see a sidewalk, but there was something even better for the next couple of blocks: a trail up above the road!


Shortly after that, I saw the coolest house I've seen in a while.


That neighborhood has amazing views of the water. I love walking down steep hills toward the water; when you look down the hill, the water seems to take up half the sky.


I noticed a small park on the map near the entrance to the large park, so I went a bit out of my way to check it out. There's a "blink and you'll miss it" path down to it. There's no beach access due to the railroad tracks, but it's nice and has awesome views.


Just like with Big Gulch, my choice to park at the top was correct. There's no parking at the bottom, and the neighborhood down there doesn't want people trying, or even turning around. You can walk in, or if you're in a wheelchair, you can use the access road that the park ranger uses.


I saw a sign I didn't really understand on my way in: tunnel closed, please bring rubber boots if you plan to go to the beach. Well, I got it when I saw the tunnel.


So, there's a beach down there, but you really need hip waders if you want to check it out. Fisherman's paradise. Without the beach access, I'm curious how popular the park really is. There's a nice picnic shelter with barbecues and a sand volleyball court by the ranger's station, but it's a mile down a steep trail from the parking area.


So after 5.5 miles, I finally got to the park trail to head back up. It was lovely! Wide, well-kept, and a lot of it was paved.


The climb up is pretty brutal, though. At least, it's brutal after already having been walking so long. You'll see on the map's elevation section.


Today's awesome walk, 6.37 miles in 2:10, 13,698 steps, 705ft gain
6.37 miles in 2:10, 13,698 steps, 705ft gain

I set out this morning thinking I'd go about 4.5 miles or so. I didn't really mind how much longer it was. Sundays are perfect for that.

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That house is really interesting. The viewing section looks like it might be fun. I wonder what it's like inside?

I bet it's super nice. I hoped to find some photos online but came up short. The property is certainly strangely-shaped.

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