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Maintaining routines and making plans
Press Your Luck
Nothing was particularly remarkable about today's walk. During it, I felt like I was going really fast, but I checked when I got home, and my time was quite close to the last time I was there.

Today's awesome walk, 4.96 miles in 1:26, 10,663 steps, 597ft gain
4.96 miles in 1:26, 10,663 steps, 597ft gain

I'm pretty proud to consider this a "routine" walk. It's a good distance, has a nice big climb, and I don't even need to drive anywhere to do it. Today was the first day I was a little worried about an encounter with other people. Some guys were up ahead on the side of the road, one with a bike and one on foot, and they stopped walking as I approached. I really wasn't in the mood for any sort of encounter and just walked past. One of them was talking but I didn't stop to check if what he was saying was directed toward me. They didn't follow or anything.

I've always hated street encounters but I worry especially about ones with two guys. Anyway.

I didn't use it, but I noticed that one park path has finally been cleared after all these weeks.


It may not work out tomorrow, but I think I'll be going to the pool on Tuesdays and Thursdays now, and staying in the water for an hour each time. That's four times as much pool time as I used to generally do, so I finally ordered myself an iPod shuffle to swim with. It comes with waterproof earbuds with short cords, and I've ordered some goggles to clip them to. I've been wanting some goggles anyway. And since I don't use a swim cap, there's really nowhere else to clip an iPod.

It'll be nice to have something to listen to in the pool. The worst is when I get a song stuck in my head. Oftentimes it'll be the last one I hear in the car on the way to the pool. They play a lot of stupid songs on the radio, so it could really be anything.

I was so happy with my new destination yesterday that I decided to get back on the map and see what I could find next. This Sunday, I'll probably check out these two parks.

Well, the two large ones. Hell, I might pass through the small ones so I can say I saw four in a day. We'll see.

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There are a lot of small parks in our neighborhood that turn out to just be empty dirt fields.

There are a couple here that are more like, nature reserve, but they're listed on maps like they're parks. One cracks me up, if you click on it on Google Maps, there's a review that just says "not a park."

Ha. Ours are like "potential parks", they just need a few trees and picnic tables. I should go take pictures of some of them.

That's a good walk and nice not to have to drive. You have inspired me to look for walking routes near to my home - turns out there are loads! Who knew!! Mr Cee and I will try some out when the weather is less rainy. Several go through parkland and wooded areas so I shall take my camera :)

Awesome! Looking forward to seeing your adventures.

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