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Easy money

I signed up a while ago with a firm that does research studies, focus groups, and the like. My afternoons are usually free, so I figured I may as well see if I could occasionally make some extra money. They don't just call people in randomly, though; it's always a long questionnaire that'll either get you in or disqualify you. After talking to them a few different times, I finally qualified for one. The appointment was yesterday afternoon. Traffic was great both ways and I was gone for 2.5 hours total. They even validate for parking so the only expense for me was gas. I was in their office less than an hour and walked out with a $75 prepaid debit card. Not bad!

The view from their lobby was very nice.


I can't talk about what I did there, naturally. Hopefully they'll have me back again for this study. I could be called back for two more sessions at the same rate, and if they use me three times, I'll be paid an additional $75 for a total of $300. And of course, as quickly as that money came into my life, it's already gone. I had an eye exam this morning and my copay was $20. From there, I went to the pool. It was time to buy a new punch card, which is ten swims for the price of nine: $38.25. After my swim I spent the remainder, and a little more of my own money, on groceries on the way back home. Poof!

My whole morning was shifted quite a bit by the eye exam, so I was only in the pool 40 minutes. There were only a few of us in the pool for the first half of my time there. Then I saw the manager take out the divider between two of the lanes in the shallow end, and a bunch of women showed up for their water aerobics class. They were cute.

On my way into the pool, the cashier and one of the lifeguards said they liked my shirt and love seeing the various ones I wear. I told them I have a ton and will try to rotate as many different ones in as I can. That's always a challenge for me as I definitely get into ruts with favorites, and also will end up wearing a shirt for several days since I'll only wear one, say, long enough to go to the store or out to lunch. It'd be dumb to toss it in the laundry after that. Generally I wear a pair of shorts all week, a shirt a few times, new socks for sure after a trip to the pool, and new underwear most of the time. If I wear any at all. ;)

But seriously, if I'm just running to the store? I might wear just shorts and a hoodie with nothing under either one.

Unrelated, but since we're here, here's last night's awesome dinner.

Pressure cooker Mongolian beef, cucumber salad, broccoli with a bit of Ponzu

Mongolian beef I made in the pressure cooker over rice, cucumber salad, and a little bit of broccoli with Ponzu. I'm so in love with the pressure cooker. The meat I bought was extremely cheap, but browning it in the bottom of the cooker for a bit, then adding the sauce and cooking under pressure for 12 minutes made it perfect. I've also made an excellent chili in there, as well as the moistest meatloaf I've ever had.

I mentioned that Garrett bought me a Roomba for Christmas and now that we've had it for a while, I can report that it works very, very well. If you ran it once you probably wouldn't be impressed with the job it does versus the job you do sweeping and vacuuming, but you shouldn't compare the two processes. The Roomba should be run daily and, after a couple of passes, maintains that level of clean. If you're in charge of keeping the floors clean, you'll probably wait a week, maybe two, or even more before you clean up. I personally always waited until the floor got dirty enough to annoy me or if people were coming over. It's really nice to just have floors that are always clean for a change.

I thought to mention it today because I found Sam and Steve avoiding Rhonda the Roomba this morning.

This is how they avoid the Roomba.

We pull a chair out so Rhonda has an easier time getting in and out of that difficult area under the table.

Finally, here's a cute shot of Sam on high alert.



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