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Halfway there

Quite a few balls in the air at the moment. My eye exam was yesterday, so I decided to find some new glasses today. There was no shortage of options of providers, so I picked one who happened to be in the direction I felt like driving to lunch afterward. There's nothing particularly wrong with my current glasses, I'm just sick of them. I have oily skin and long eyelashes, so my glasses get dirty very quickly. It's really hard to get this particular pair clean because the nose pads get in the way, so I wanted a new pair with plastic frames and no pads at all. The frames came in a little under the amount my plan will pay for, but of course I still had a sizable bill because I wanted to new-fangled anti-glare coating specifically designed for computer users. That's actually the reason I have to wait ten business days for my glasses, but with the amount of time I spend at the computer, it's a good idea.

I also came home and ordered my first-ever pair of prescription sunglasses. I've always had a hard time finding sunglasses I like, so I just ordered a basic wayfarer shape and crossed my fingers.

Speaking of eyewear, my goggles arrived today! Can't wait until the iPod I plan to clip onto them comes. Too bad that won't be before my swim tomorrow.


The day started with a walk from the Boeing recreation center to the wetlands and back. Here's the obligatory "It was really dark when I parked the car" photo.


I wanted to walk the paths at the wetlands, but they don't open until 8am. I'll be honest, if it were summer and already very bright out, I'd just walk in. The hours should really be dawn until dusk, and it's weird to choose 8am as a time since it makes sense in winter but not in summer. No big loss as it's not the most interesting place, but it cut down on the distance a bit. I fixed that by enjoying the top of Japanese Gulch for a bit. Of course, I almost immediately had to turn back because of mud on the trail that has the big dropoff and the good view. It's apparently been a problem for a while as a second trail is being slowly stomped and ridden out by other walkers and bikers, but even that one is muddy. But of course, the luxurious part that Boeing maintains around their rec center was in great shape.


I hadn't been there since before the storms. There were tons of fallen trees which, unlike in other places, were cut away from the trails. Probably within a couple of days.


Today's awesome walk, 4.47 miles in 1:28, 9,608 steps, 410ft gain
4.47 miles in 1:28, 9,608 steps, 410ft gain

The climbs in that walk are pretty brutal even though the total ascent isn't as much as a lot of other routes I do. I was actually surprised to find out it's only 410 feet total.

Today's only the second time I've seen raccoons in our yard, and the first time I saw them in daylight. They passed by where I could see them from where I sit several times! I put some popcorn out hoping one would hang out by the French doors for a minute or two, no luck yet. I managed to get a picture of one climbing our big tree in back. So cute.

Cutie pie! #raccoon #raccoonsofinstagram

On my way home after the lunch, I saw a mail truck turn and go up the street next to ours. I'm starting to wonder if it's even our same truck, because I waited in my room quite a while before changing clothes and taking my shoes off, hoping to see the mail arrive so I could go get it. Sam wanted some attention and jumped all the way up to my window sill. Pretty impressive for a 15-year-old!

Haven't seen Sam jump this high in a while. Not bad for a 15-year-old.

I finally gave up and got into my indoor clothes. Within three seconds of sitting down, the mailman rang the doorbell. Of course.

There's a new ramen and sushi joint downtown and I decided to check it out for lunch today.

Ready for deliciousness.

I ordered tuna poke, which wasn't nearly as good as a lot of them that I've had, but that's a high bar. It was pretty good. I also had some pork ramen with roasted garlic. Ramen's ok, but I'll always like pho about 100 times as much.


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