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Isn't that always the way?
Press Your Luck
Got to the pool this morning and noticed a sign at the front desk. The swim center will be closed from 2/29-4/10. I'll miss the first part of that because we're going on vacation from 2/26-3/6. They've got a deal with the YMCA to provide a swim pass for that period for $60. There's also the Snohomish Aquatic Center but I'll need to pop over there to check it out. Their recreation side is all pretty shallow and the competition side has lap lanes all the way across, so I need to see how big the diving tank is. They've got a river walk, so if I go over and don't really see a place to tread water, I could try that out.

Either option will be more expensive. Right now an adult entry to my pool is $4.25, but I buy ten for the price of nine, $38.25. To pay that amount per swim with that pass at the Y, I'd have to go 16 times in that period, which would be three each week plus an extra somewhere. I do enjoy swimming very much, but I doubt I'd force the same value out of that pass as I do with my current one.

An adult drop-in session at the Snohomish Aquatic Center is $5.50, and their discounted price for ten is $52.50. But their pool looks a lot nicer than YMCA's, as long as there's a good spot for me to do what I do.

Today's swim was good. The woman who's been taking my corner by swimming back and forth between there and the ladder decided to swim on the other side of the deep end because her mom was going back and forth on the edge where it meets the shallow end. I doubt she'll be doing it often, though; she stopped and told me it's much harder there for some reason. Specifically, she said it felt like fighting for her life. I don't really know if it's easier to swim next to a wall for some reason, but I could picture that being the case.

I've still got a few weeks before all that matters anyway, but being me, I want to check out my options soon. If it's raining tomorrow morning anything like it was today, I'm definitely going to swim instead of walk, and may as well check out the Snohomish pool. This morning's rain would be terrible to walk in. I had to walk through little rivers six feed wide in the grocery store parking lot. If our street had gutters and sidewalks, I'm quite sure the garbage and recycling containers would have ended up in a pile down the street.

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Your street doesn't have sidewalks?

I love the name of that swim centre.

Quite a few of the streets in this neighborhood don't. Some have part of the pavement designated for pedestrians where it's illegal to park cars, but ours is a bit too narrow for that. I'm glad though, because the reason our street is so narrow is that there are hills on both sides, and our house sits on its own little hill. It's pretty neat!

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