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From Lynnwood to Edmonds and back again

This morning I set out to try to see the four parks I posted about. It was a bit of a long drive, but Sunday mornings are by far the best time to head out somewhere a little further than normal. As I entered Lynndale Park into Google Maps, I got a strange warning. "Your destination may be closed when you arrive." I checked Google's listing and it said the park is closed Sundays, but who's ever heard of a park being closed on Sunday? The hours aren't listed on the official site, and while I was almost positive the park would be open, I decided to park at Southwest County Park so I wouldn't have to worry about it either way. Southwest County Park's parking is just a wide spot on the shoulder of the road, so it can't be closed off with a gate.

Of course, as you approach, that parking area comes and goes rather quickly, and it was quite a distance before I could turn the car around. Southwest County Park's trails are nice, and that's really all there is to the park. Trails and benches.


When I planned this walk out, I wanted to cover all the trails in the parks today. It became obvious pretty quickly that it would be impossible to do that.


It's a bit weird to be walking around in the woods and then suddenly find yourself at a big post office.


I made it to Lynndale Park, and it's quite lovely. I found lots of trails blocked by fallen trees, lots of trails that just sort of disappear, and a bunch that are quite nice.


It's a really nice park. There's even an amphitheater with seating!


Tons of lovely trees.


One of the coolest things I saw today wasn't even in the parks. I love this gigantic rock wall. That's a bus stop on the right, which I included for scale.


Sierra Park is small and pretty, and I didn't notice while I was walking their small trail that the signs describing the trees all had braille.


Otherwise, Sierra Park and Seaview Park were pretty typical. Very nice play areas for the kids, baseball fields, tennis courts, that sort of thing. Nice for the neighborhood, not really a destination for people like me. But it was still cool to hit all four parks in one walk.

Today's awesome walk, 4.57 miles in 1:28, 9,821 steps, 244ft gain
4.57 miles in 1:28, 9,821 steps, 244ft gain

I'm pretty happy with January's workout calendar. The only regular day I missed was New Year's Day, and I made up for it the next day. "Class" means yoga and "Indoor" means swimming, which I'm very glad to be doing more of.


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