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Pool research, option 2: Everett YMCA
Press Your Luck
Patrons of the Forest Park Swim Center can get a pass to use the pool at the Mukilteo or Everett YMCA for $60 during the six-week period that Forest Park is closed for maintenance. Anyone can get a day pass to check out the Y any time, so I signed up for one and used it today to try out the Y's pool in downtown Everett. It's six lanes across, but with only four lanes roped off and a two-lane-width area set aside for recreational swimming, at all times. The deepest part is in the center, and that's five feet, so it's not ideal for treading water, but it's a better option for that than Snohomish is.

But I decided to just swim laps for an hour today. It was more enjoyable than Friday's lap swim, because I now have goggles and an iPod shuffle that clips onto them. An hour swimming back and forth would have been pretty dreadful without the iPod, especially since the second lifeguard who was on duty blasted really bad country music over at her chair.

About 40 minutes in, a woman asked to share my lane. I said that was fine, but we should split it down the center instead of doing circles because I'm really not a fast swimmer. She wasn't either, but I'm still glad we split the lane that way because she took a lot more breaks than I did. With only four lanes, I'm sure it fills completely up pretty often, whereas when I did laps over at Snohomish, we were only using four out of the ten lanes at the most.

There's a hot tub by the pool, though there's an issue and it wasn't hot today. The locker room's got a steam room and sauna, and unfortunately the steam room is also out of commission. The sauna was nice.

I really haven't decided if I'll take advantage of the opportunity to use the Y. There are no time restrictions on the pool and it opens at 5am, so it's pretty tempting. And even if I do it and don't really like it, it's only six weeks. We shall see!

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A five feet deep pool would be hopeless for me - I'm 5' 11" tall.

I meant to reply to your previous reply to me about having a lap pool at home. Yes - I would love one of those! There's a store near me that sells hot tubs and pools and they have them. I look longingly at them each time I visit ...

I ordered the free informational DVD about them. :)

what is your underwater listening setup? i've been looking at bone conduction headphones for swimming.

I got one of these on Amazon:


When I was browsing on Amazon, I happened to find one for $95 alongside all the others that were $150, so that was pretty dope.

i've seen that one but all the reviews i've read are generally saying that in-ear buds are a bitch while swimming due to not maintaining a seal and falling out, or hurting after wearing for a while. sounds like it works for you though?

They hurt a little bit the first time I used them and a little less each time since. The earbuds come with a set of regular-looking ear pieces, plus three pairs that are kinda like Christmas trees or really bad butt plugs. I'm using the largest of those, and they stay in pretty well and only a little water sneaks in, once in a while.

Of course, I'm not a major lap swimmer and I'm sure people who are have a harder time with them.

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