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Today's the third day that a film crew has been working on our street. They're three houses over from us at a place that's set way back from the street. I emailed a local blogger to tip him off, hoping he'd find out what they're working on, so I wouldn't have to. He said it might be more Twin Peaks filming, but I've heard elsewhere that they're already finished filming in Washington. Hopefully I'll run into someone on the crew and can ask. They park all up and down the street, including the three spaces in front of our house, so it's not too unlikely. In fact, I barely missed a couple of them when I went to the mailbox yesterday.

I can't remember if I mentioned here that I switched from swimming trunks to square-cut speedos a while back. I'd been thinking about making the switch for a while, and finally bit the bullet when I realized trunks move around too much, which irritates my hair follicles and then makes me break out. It's been pretty great.

American's aversion to speedos for me baffles me, but I'm glad to see that most of the men who swim for exercise have gotten over it. There's a weird notion that fat men shouldn't wear them, but I don't really understand it. Take an objective look. Does draping a bunch of extra wet fabric over a body make it look smaller? No, it does not. It makes it look bigger. It's actually counterproductive.


The pair on the left is my first pair of speedos, and I like them a lot. The fit's pretty good, though they could be a little more roomy in front. I've been wearing them every time I swim lately, and now I'm swimming a lot more, and I've worried about them suddenly giving out. So I figured it was time to get some more. The pair on the right is supposedly the same size (Chinese 4XL) but as you can see, they are drastically different. I can't even pull those new ones all the way up. I wear XL in most US stuff and was hoping I could count on Chinese 4XL to be consistently similar, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

This morning I auditioned another new pair.


These are really, really nice. Slightly looser fit, much roomier in front, and the fabric is quite luxurious. Unfortunately, there's no drawstring. I'm pretty sure they'd be risky to dive in, but I don't dive, so it's not an issue. The sides roll up a bit when I jump in the pool, but that's easily adjusted. They might be an issue with the jets in the river at Snohomish, we'll see.

Speaking of new things, my new glasses were ready this morning.

New glasses 👓

I decided to go with thicker frames this time because my main problem with my last pair was that it was hard to clean them in the center, where the nose pads are mounted. These don't have any pads. I like them so far, but it's going to take some time to get used to glasses which are snug on my head again. These also have a new kind of coating specifically designed for people who use the computer a lot, so maybe I'll have reduced eyestrain with them.

I also recently realized that I haven't had really good pizza since we moved to Everett, so I think that'll be a new quest for me. Starting with today's lunch.


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