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I wasn't sure I'd have any sort of workout tomorrow because it was scheduled to be an extremely busy work day. When it comes time to do testing, we're given several days, but are always asked rather quickly in the start of that period if we're done yet. So, if it's possible, I'd just as soon devote a day and try to finish it all. But our demo call today was pushed to tomorrow. I didn't know that until about an hour ago, and I'd already moved my Tuesday swim this morning.

Today was my first swim with my new snorkel. I didn't have a nose plug, so it took quite a while to get used to it. Without a nose plug, the water slowly creeps up my nose. When it's time to blow some bubbles to get it out, I found I couldn't do it too aggressively or just about as much water would pop back up. I also didn't like exhaling through my nose and then trying to inhale through the snorkel. It really worked best if I did all my breathing through my mouth. I went ahead and ordered a mask that covers my eyes and nose and has a sturdier strap than my goggles do, so it should work nicely. I also went ahead and ordered the last two of my favorite swimsuit that were left.

Today's my second of three research study sessions down in Seattle so I'll leave for that after I eat lunch.

Part of me wants to grab a nose plug today so I can swim again tomorrow with it since the mask won't arrive until Wednesday. It was hard getting used to the snorkel, but really wonderful once I did, so I'm kind of eager to do it again sooner than Thursday.

I also had a nice chat in the hot tub with a guy who coincidentally helps maintain the trail I hiked on Martin Luther King day. He had a lot of good suggestions for other hikes, too. I have Presidents' Day off for the first time in years, so that'd be a good way to spend it.

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