christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Upgrades, pt. 2

On my way down to Seattle, I stopped at Big 5 to grab a nose plug, figuring whether or not I like the mask that's arriving tomorrow, it'll still be nice to have the option to plug my nose when using the goggles. I noticed that I still had well over an hour to get to my session, so I drove all the way to Denny via 99. There's a lot of stopping and starting, but I really like seeing everything that's on the main drag in Everett, Lynnwood, Edmonds, and North Seattle. Strip malls galore with all manner of restaurants and shops.

I arrived at 1:45 and was out of there by 2:30, and was able to jump on I-5 and get back up to Everett without too much traffic.

I went back to Snohomish again this morning, nose plug in hand. It's so much easier to use a snorkel when you don't have to regulate what's going on with your nose. I'm a little surprised they don't just include a nose plug with every snorkel. Things were going pretty great, but unfortunately my iPod's battery died after about 20 minutes. I swam another 20 more, then hit the hot tub for a few minutes before heading out. It's actually pretty entertaining to watch people zoom by in the river walk feature while sitting in the hot tub. It's kind of like waiting at an airport gate while people zoom by on moving sidewalks.

The fog that was everywhere on the way out to Snohomish hadn't gone anywhere in the time I was there.


I went ahead about bought a ten-pack of swims at Snohomish today. I realized this morning that I should spend more time at Snohomish now before Forest Park closes. Why not enjoy it before I have to share it with other Forest Park users once we're displaced? The ten-pack is $52.50, with is a whopping $2.50 off the regular price of $55 for ten $5.50 swims. But they don't expire and you don't even have to carry a punch card. It's in their system and you just show up.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring. I might hunker down early and plow through a bunch of work and explore a new place to walk in the afternoon. I took a wrong turn on my way out to Snohomish yesterday, and when I was examining the map to see what I did wrong, I spotted a huge park out there that I'm looking forward to exploring.

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