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I slept in later than I like to on Sundays because a friend wanted to come along on my walk, only to find an email once I woke up that an hour later than I like was too early after all. It was pretty rainy, too, so I decided to go to the waterfront. It's easy to keep your feet dry if you stay on pavement.

One more mosaic from Grand Avenue Park.


There are quite a few huge apartment buildings around there. I always thought this one looked nice.


When I came down to the waterfront from the road above, I wanted to try the stairway next to the bridge instead of following the ramp as usual. Turns out that was a mistake, since you have to cross the railroad tracks in a spot you're not supposed to. Oopsie! At least I got to see this.


Today's awesome walk, 5.83 miles in 1:44, 12,536 steps, 243ft gain
5.83 miles in 1:44, 12,536 steps, 243ft gain

If tomorrow goes as planned, I'll have a big adventure because I have the day off.


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