christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Fog and hard work

With a lot of documentation to catch up on, I decided to just run to the local pool for a quick hour of treading water. Nothing major to report, but the fog was nice all morning.


I spent the afternoon on hold and then getting really sore. I don't think I mentioned before here that my half of our loveseat has been broken and I haven't been able to recline for a month. Here's what I posted on Facebook about all that:

The last time I mentioned Ashley Furniture was two weeks ago, when a new handle was supposed to be on the way for my side of the recliner, which as of today hadn't reclined in a month. Two weeks seems like a long time for anything to ship, so I called to follow up.

The notes in the file indicated that the handle was actually no longer available and that several attempts to contact me were made, but my guess is that the agent couldn't face calling me back to tell me and just said she did. So a refund is supposed to come through for 55ish of the 97ish dollars I already paid. Depending on who you ask, you might be told that I paid for the replacement mechanism we didn't end up using, or the labor, which I guess was partly used when a guy came here, flipped the loveseat over, and took it apart before discovering everything was fine except for the handle. He was pretty surprised nobody came by to inspect it before they ordered a mechanism.

Speaking of which, I have a spare mechanism now, because the technician who would have come to switch out the handle was supposed to pick it up. This is a discontinued item and they've given up on it, so I'd be surprised if they ever put two and two together and try to get the mechanism back.

The saga of the loveseat is now finished, but only because I decided to fix it myself. It's not a beautiful solution by any means, but I punched a hole in the vinyl on the side, detached the cable from the handle, fed it through, and tied a cord to the inner cable so I can pull it to release the mechanism. It works, but it isn't pretty. Not that it matters, the eye goes straight to the peeled finish on the head rest first. And I'm sitting with my feet up.



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