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I see dead people. But not very many.

I had lunch in Mukilteo yesterday with our friend Barbara, who is a lifelong resident of Mukilteo and Everett. We were overlooking the ferry terminal parking area, and she mentioned that there are plans to move the terminal over near cargo area at the beach. I'm mostly mentioning this here so I remember to try to find more info, because I can't really picture it. But I'm no engineer. She also told me about restaurants that used to be in that parking area, and asked if I'd ever been to the Japanese Cemetery. I hadn't! I often go explore something the day after I hear about it. I guess so I don't forget. Sensing a theme? I figured this morning would be a good day for some time at the beach and to check out what's actually called Mukilteo Pioneer Cemetery.

It's really quite small. There are houses on either side, and each house sits on a lot about as big as the cemetery. And there aren't very many headstones.


I'd parked at Japanese Gulch, and was quite surprised to see that my car was still the only one there when I got back.


Today's awesome walk, 3.57 miles in 1:08, 7,684 steps, 228ft gain
3.57 miles in 1:08, 7,684 steps, 228ft gain

My back was pretty sore toward the end of the walk, which I predicted because of how much time I spent yesterday hunched over the loveseat while I "fixed" it. That was the main reason I planned for a beach walk. It's not a particularly difficult walk, and you can do extra loops if you like, or just head back to the car.

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