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This begets that, or, another round of equipment testing
Press Your Luck
It's funny how A leads to B and then C. I really only bought goggles to swim with because I wanted to be able to listen to music while swimming and needed a place to clip the iPod. I don't even wear them on my eyes while I'm at the swim center treading water, they're just around my neck. Then I found out the swim center would be closed for a while and decided I'd have to swim laps for a while. Discovered it's actually not so bad, but it hurts my neck to swim for so long because I have to hold my head up a lot. Why not try snorkeling? Snorkeling turns out to be fun, but those goggles sure fog up a lot. May as well try a bigger mask. Its strap might be good for holding up the snorkel anyway.

It didn't occur to me until the new one came that I might have a problem forming a good seal because of my facial hair. The one I got covers the nose and of course there's a bunch of mustache hair right below mine. I gave it a shot anyway, since you just don't know until you try.

It's really too bad it leaked, because that minute or so beforehand, everything was great. The view was so unobstructed and clear. But emptying it out at the end of every lap isn't practical, so I swapped them for my other goggles for a while. Had a pretty decent time, but finally called it a day when my nose plug kept slipping. So a while after I got home, I ordered a different style of nose plug and some bigger goggles which don't do under the nose. I think that's a better setup anyway. It's weird to have your nose inside your mask because you can change the pressure if you absentmindedly exhale through your nose instead of the snorkel. I've seen some that have a one-way filter to allow air to escape, but since I can't get the seal anyway, there's no point in trying those.

At least with the need to carry a snorkel, two kinds of goggles, a nose plug, the iPod, the swimsuit, and a towel, I finally realized it was time to carry it all in something. A reusable nylon shopping bag ended up being perfect and really simplified my morning.

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I was talking to my neighbour who is a retired fireman and he was saying that they had to shave beards/moustaches because the breathing equipment didn't fit properly with facial hair. Makes sense I suppose!

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