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Sunday strategizing

I'm happy to report that winter's dark grip is finally releasing and the sun's starting to rise at a decent time. I figured it was a good day to get back into my old routine of parking at the bottom of Japanese Gulch, walking up via the residential neighborhoods to the West of it, and entering on 19th Street. But rather than leave via the Mukilteo Community Garden and come back down through the center, I wanted to see both slopes.

I've always loved houses that are on such steep hills that there's a bridge leading to the front door, and I especially like what they've done with the lights here.


This house used to be grey and looked so wonderfully '80s. I don't think the new wood treatment is terrible, but it was much more my style before.


It was nice to catch the sunrise.


The Rusty Car Trail is one of a couple of easy ways to get down to the center from the Western side and is the one I usually choose. Looks like it won't be a good choice for the mountain bikers for a while.


The mud wasn't too bad, though I did find this particular muddy spot to be a bit scary. It's steep, slippery, and there's a dropoff next to it.


I don't know why I never realized that you can walk right up to the rusty car before. It's easy to step right off the trail.


The gulch toward the end of winter is interesting because you can see a lot further. At first I thought this was the big white building across from the Boeing recreation center. I was actually about 90 degrees off; it's a bunch of fog on the water.


The shot I've taken of the West side, from the East side, countless times. This is the most brown I've ever seen it, though.


The moss was still out in full force.


I wonder how long this "Statue of Libertree" has been there.

Statue of Libertree

My goal for the Eastern side was to try to find one of the trails I've only been on a couple of times. I like it because it runs along the top of a hill that's sort of embedded into the side of the slope, so you get views on either side. I managed to find it on the first try! I briefly thought about calling it Rusty Barrel because I saw this rusty barrel, but it's small and doesn't make a very good landmark.


I realized when I came off that trail why it hasn't really been on my radar, and that's because it ends at the railroad tracks, and I don't spend a lot of time on those.


As I followed them back to the parking area, I could see the muddy center trail below. All that mud is the main thing that kept me away throughout the rainiest weeks of the winter, and I now see that the trail that runs along the tracks is way to bypass that. This was a really great discovery.


Yesterday's awesome walk, 4.81 miles in 1:59, 10,339 steps, 449ft gain
4.81 miles in 1:59, 10,339 steps, 449ft gain

I'm quite happy with the distance and elevation gain in this route, but it shouldn't take two hours to go that far. The muddy spots were where the extra time came from. Thankfully I only slipped once and never actually fell down.


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