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Last real Monday for a while

I wasn't feeling so great this morning, so I figured it'd be a good day for a short, mellow walk down at Lowell. I don't think I'd been there since I'd read on Nextdoor about the trail being blocked by a construction fence, and was hoping to maybe catch a bit of a sunrise.

There weren't any breaks in the cloud cover, so no pretty sunrise, but it was still lovely out.


I was surprised this little guy stayed in place long enough and let me get close enough to grab a picture.


The mud situation on the trail is a lot better.


I've been to that trail tons of times, but never tried to use the restroom by the boat launch. Guess it's been closed for a couple of months now.


Yesterday's awesome walk, 2.98 miles in 58 minutes, 6,414 steps
2.98 miles in 58 minutes, 6,414 steps

You can see on the map that I parked in the neighborhood nearby because both parking area gates were locked. That turned out to be a good thing. A train was going by as I approached the parking area, which led to a very long backup of cars. Backups there take a long time to clear because there are multiple stop signs after the tracks.


That backup wasn't even close to clearing when another train approached from the other direction! Luckily I just walked up over it, to my car parked on the other side.

After lunch was my third and final research study session on Seattle. To recap, I had three sessions that were about half an hour each, and was paid $75 for each, plus a $75 bonus for completing three sessions. Not bad! I spent more time in the car than I did in their office. This final time, I parked on the roof of their parking structure, which was a bit of a trip down memory lane. Here's the Roosevelt Hotel, where I spent my first night ever in Seattle.


The brick building in the center is where my first job in Seattle was.


There's an empty office on the same floor as the research company, and from the door, I was able to see my old apartment. It's the one to the left of the church dome.


I had two different apartments in that building. The first one was in the back and faced that dome. Super cool view, even though churches don't make great neighbors. I eventually moved into a similar unit in the front of the building for a better view.

We start our vacation on Friday and aren't going back to work until Tuesday, the 8th. I usually never mention vacations ahead of time, but we're hanging out with friends for the first half and I don't really want to commit to any daily blogging. Maybe I'll send a photo here and there. I've really moved all my "moblogging" to instagram/fb/tumblr.

Don't worry, SchadenFriday and Caturday will be pre-scheduled.


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