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The gear is good

Yesterday would not have been a good swimming day, so I waited until this morning to head over to Snohomish to try out my new goggles and nose plug.

I wasn't expecting any fog at all, and didn't see any until I got down by the river. Then I was in soupy, thick fog all the way down. It's really not an issue to drive in on that road, though. It's six miles with no stops, so all you have to do watch the stripes on the road and watch for cars up ahead. The aquatic center's a little higher up, so it wasn't quite as thick when I arrived.


I've found some winners!


The seal on the goggles never broke the entire time I was wearing them today, and they're quite fog-resistant. The nose plug works well, I think, because the parts that lay against your nostrils are long and press against a greater area. They started to hurt after a while, but the wire can be adjusted so I'll fiddle with that.

Today was also a fun food day. I went out for lunch and got kimchi fried rice and soft shell crab. That was my first time eating soft shell crab, and it was great.

Kimchi fried rice, soft shell crab

I also just made some ahi poke for the first time for tonight's dinner with some frozen ahi I found at WinCo the other day. It turned out great!

An awesome find in the frozen food section

Ahi poke

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