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Smell ya later, swim center

Today was my last swim at Forest Park before their closure, and it was a really lovely one. I went a little later, and the pool was quite empty by the time I left. It's nice that an hour treading water is now the normal amount, since I used to stop after half an hour oftentimes because of crowds. It'll be nice to see what it's like there when it reopens. I know they're getting new lockers, which is my biggest complaint about the place.

I waited too long to watch Grease! Live and it was no longer on Hulu. Glad I complained about that on Facebook, because my coworker said she had it on her DVR and hadn't watched yet. And it turned out to be a good thing I mentioned it when I did, because she has to replace her DVR this weekend and will lose all her recordings! So I went over there at lunchtime today and we spent the afternoon watching it. I picked up a lovely chirashi and special cucumber roll on my way there.

Chirashi, special cucumber roll

All her cats are black and it's always hard to get a good photo.

Halp, trapped

Grease! Live was pretty amazing, by the way. I figured it would be like The Wiz live: good, but a small stage production. Completely wrong. They built a huge complex to film it on and had over 600 cast and crew present, and the audience was seated in the sets. I only spotted one small mistake and it was in one of the more challenging sequences to film on a sound stage (the drag race) and that's pretty good for something 140 minutes long without commercials. And to find out one of the stars found out her father died right before they did it made me respect everyone's skills even more.

I just wish they would have left the set intact and filmed Grease 2 Live the next weekend. Grease 2 is way better than Grease.

Thinking about it more, I've decided I need to send at least one photo post to lj each day while I'm gone. I've only got about a dozen days since 2009 that I didn't post during, and seeing those days in the calendar always bugs me a bit. I wonder what I was doing that led to my not posting, and realize if I'd just mentioned what I did, I would not only know, but wouldn't be asking. Ha.

It's just important to me to keep lj alive. People complain that they miss the experience of lj in its heyday, but they won't post. And don't get me started on the ones who used to spend a couple of hours a day reading their friends list, but won't read it now that it only takes a minute or two.

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