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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Dark Cloud

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I think the ONLY thing that FB has that LJ doesn't is a "like" button, because there are some posts, like this one, that I don't always have something to talk about, but I want to let you know I saw it and liked it.

I know the like button has it's drawbacks though. It has lessened communication between people. So I'm okay with it being gone over here.

It's funny how we never worried about a "read receipt" for posts until the Like button came along, isn't it? I always assumed everyone read everything on here. :)

I think I read more when I'm was over hear than I do on FB, because I know here I'm getting everything and in the right order. On FB I lose track of so many "friends" because I don't see their posts and the more I don't see them, the less I see them. I hate FB.

But remember, there were always the people who didn't get comments on their posts and some would complain about it. I always felt bad for people but sometimes you just don't know what to say.

I just keep watching the skateboarding one, thinking, WHY did his SHOES come off?!?

Also, Karma Kitty will dump your ass in the snow and you will deserve it.

You just don't mess with ice. Or cats. Or angry cows. Or giant balls.

Yeah, it's "Kitty says HELL NO!" for the win.

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