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575 sconce

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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steve blue steel

BONUS Saturdogs


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How do you source all of these picture after all these years?

I really missed this.

Almost everything comes from tumblr now. There are tons of cat tumblrs and I read them via RSS so my regular tumblr experience isn't all cats. Even though I've got a good system in place, it's still a lot of work; I'd say I use about 10% of the cat pictures I see.

Well, I appreciate the work. And like that they're public so I can share them.

Share away! All I ask is that you don't tag me if you share the link on Facebook.

I don't like tagging people in posts anymore, unless I think it's really important. I try to just tag them in the comments so that their whole friends list isn't brought into it. But I know now not to tag you. Thanks!

Tiger, our 13 year old cat has just started to demand attention by putting his paw on my arm. So sweet!

Love all those :)

Thanks again for another brilliantly curated collection!

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