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575 sconce

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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A story in three parts
Press Your Luck

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I love them so. Even when they're being assholes.

Monday-Friday when I'm working I have to close myself in the basement so I don't have to listen to Sam whine for lunch all morning. Sharing the whole house with them on weekend mornings can be a bit of a chore. :)

Is Sam the grey one? And he just meows all morning long? That's so funny. I can see how it would bother you but it's funny because you would think he would learn that it doesn't work.

Yup, the grey nightmare. He'll whine for his lunch for a couple of hours leading up to it if there's someone there to whine to. And I hoped he'd learn it's pointless, but he hasn't. At all.

I wonder if he's part Siamese. They really like to yell.

He's a Russian Blue, but maybe he hung out with Siameses early in life.

Are you sure he's 100%? I had a Russian Blue that looked just like that but she was 1/2 Siamese.

I love Russian blues. They're so pretty.

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