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Good thing I cleaned up in the yard
Press Your Luck
They already stopped by to mow today!

A freshly-mowed lawn is a thing of beauty

I just love a stripey, freshly-mowed lawn. It looks so fake and neat.

Decided to swim with the small goggles today to have a break from the big clear ones. Their visibility is great, but it's hard to maintain the giant, continuous seal that goes all the way around them. And if you push too much air out, it feels like your eyes are being sucked out of your head. And there's really nothing to see at the pool anyway. Just the bottom of the pool scrolling past. So the smaller, darker goggles were fine and I didn't really care when they got foggy. But I found a trial size of baby shampoo at the store today, so I can try that as a defogger soon.

I recently picked up a dashcam because I saw a really good deal on them. Of course it could come in handy if there's an accident or something, but mostly I'd like to be able to show things I happen to see while driving.

Such as, the neighborhood weed store's St. Patrick's Day billboard!

I accidentally left it on when I went out for lunch today, but remembered while I was gone that I did, so I waved on the way back to the car.

One really great thing about Everett is the parking downtown. The spot where I parked was an entire block of free, empty street parking. One of the big parking structures only charges during work hours and the rest of the time, it's free. I never think twice when I want to go downtown for lunch, because it's not a pain at all.

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I love the fresh yard look. I also think the dash cam is pretty cool.

Edited at 2016-03-17 12:02 pm (UTC)

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