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I decided to try the "stand up and get ready 30 minutes before dawn" thing again this morning but decided I'd head to the lower gulch parking area even if it still seemed pretty dark. Not planning on seeing any of the side trails, I figured it didn't need to be all that bright starting out. It was indeed pretty dark out but just light enough. I might try 40 minutes before next time.

It turns out that last time I went there made 200 photos in my Japanese Gulch album. Now there are 206. I'm quite proud of it!


After I mentioned on Tuesday that the trains that go through there carry 15-foot wide loads, I started to think that didn't seem very wide after all. This is what the sign actually reads.


So, yeah, they're probably wider than that.

I'm starting to think there's an abandoned trail on the Western edge of the creek that runs down the center of the gulch. I recently noticed what looks like a trail. It's hard to see in this picture but it's near the center.


And today I saw what are possibly some old bridges.


I'll have a look sometime once the weather is dry. Not just because it'll be safer, but because this is in my way.


It's never bothered me that I can't cross there because I won't go down the trail that leads to it. I call it Bootie Scoot because it's the one that's so steep and dusty, I had to sit and kind of slide down the single time I've been there. But I recently decided I'd like to walk/climb up it. It's probably not that hard to go up, and I'd like to so I can make a note of where it emerges up top. It's good to know where to turn back for routes I won't use.

Today's awesome walk, 3.78 miles in 1:18, 8,128 steps, 397ft gain
3.78 miles in 1:18, 8,128 steps, 397ft gain

This is only slightly different that what I did on Tuesday. I was surprised to see a woman walking up as I went back down, and a guy getting ready to do some mountain biking when I got to the parking lot. Mostly, people don't head out as early as I do, but I've been going later due to the time change and the light. I can't wait until it's really bright, really early, and I never see anyone. Ha.

Something else that occurred to me this week was that there were probably perfectly good dashcam phone apps, and sure enough, there were several in the Google Play store. I installed one when I got to the car, hoping to run two cams at the same time and compare the results. Unfortunately, the spot where my phone mounts when I need it for navigation isn't quite right due to the drastic angle the windshield's at. I tried moving it, but can't figure out how to get the suction cup to release. What I'd like is to try a really high mount, so I ordered a kit that can mount on the dash, a vent, the windshield, or a visor, and I'm eyeing the visor as the best spot. But we'll see. The nice thing is that I got it for free because I had lots of Amazon rewards to spend. And there's still quite a bit left.


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