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$60 Friday

Yesterday was probably my best swim yet. The baby shampoo pre-treat seemed to work pretty well for fighting the fog in my goggles, though I guess if I wanted to be really scientific, I'd treat one half and compare the two. The center snorkel and small goggles work great together because the snorkel doesn't bump the goggles at all. The internal nose plug works quite well, though I've discovered that even if no water seeps in, my sinuses get pretty snotty. Gross, I know. I didn't have to wait too long to get a lane, and I swam for a full hour. It didn't really occur to me to estimate the distance until recently, but it takes less than a minute to get all the way across the pool, and that distance is 25 yards. So if I round up and just say every trip across is a minute, that's 1,500 yards. Not bad!

So far I've only spotted one regular from Forest Park over there, which surprises me. But it's a big place and I might just not be spotting them. Plus if I do laps for an hour, that's plenty of time for people to come and go. I've noticed a lot of people swim for a little as 10 minutes. One guy at Forest Park cracks me up. He always spends up to 30 minutes talking to the lap swimming coach, then barely spends any time actually swimming.

I check Safeway's app every week to see if there are any $5 Friday deals I want to take advantage of. There are actually tons of deal categories in there, but it's too much to look through. I'm mostly looking out for one particular deal.

I save 50% by waiting until litter is a $5 Friday deal and stocking up.

This particular litter is regularly priced at $9.99 according to the tags, though I think I've seen it for a little less. Anyway, $5 Friday on a $9.99 litter is half off! I stopped at the Snohomish Safeway on the way back from the pool and they only had six on display, so I got those and some frozen vegetables. At our neighborhood Safeway, I got six more. $60 savings! There was one left in the storage spot where I keep them in the garage, so I've got 13, which should be plenty to last until the next time they're $5.

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