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I gotta say, susandennis is a real tastemaker. It was her post about Snohomish Aquatic Center that led to my checking it out, which led to me swimming laps. I've also wanted a smart watch for ages and hadn't really looked into Pebble until she raved about her new one. I chose the Pebble Time and it arrived yesterday.

Pebble Time arrived yesterday and I love it so.

I love this thing. I originally wanted a watch with a camera and a heart rate monitor, but it had to be waterproof and once require all those things, the selection doesn't really exist. I didn't think that a watch's camera would be that good anyway, and I can always get a standalone heart rate monitor and pair it with my phone. With those features dropped from the list, Pebble started to look pretty great. Ironically, I can't comment yet on how well it does as a fitness tracker because I skipped my Sunday workout today.

But the notifications and the things you can do are pretty great. It vibrates when my phone rings and I can dismiss the call. I get an alert when I get a text message and can read it on the watch and even reply by speaking. I bought Snowy, a personal assistant app, which can do quite a few things. Mostly I'm looking forward to using my watch as a shopping list because the phone is pretty awkward to carry while shopping.

Garrett planted the garden today. Here's his photo I stole.

Chives, spinach, carrots, red radish, mesclun greens, onion, icicle radish, and an empty spot for more of whatever does best. He'll also plant potatoes in the corners. I tried my hand at gardening last year and didn't really enjoy it, so I'm glad he wants to do it this year.


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