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Press Your Luck
I gotta say, susandennis is a real tastemaker. It was her post about Snohomish Aquatic Center that led to my checking it out, which led to me swimming laps. I've also wanted a smart watch for ages and hadn't really looked into Pebble until she raved about her new one. I chose the Pebble Time and it arrived yesterday.

Pebble Time arrived yesterday and I love it so.

I love this thing. I originally wanted a watch with a camera and a heart rate monitor, but it had to be waterproof and once require all those things, the selection doesn't really exist. I didn't think that a watch's camera would be that good anyway, and I can always get a standalone heart rate monitor and pair it with my phone. With those features dropped from the list, Pebble started to look pretty great. Ironically, I can't comment yet on how well it does as a fitness tracker because I skipped my Sunday workout today.

But the notifications and the things you can do are pretty great. It vibrates when my phone rings and I can dismiss the call. I get an alert when I get a text message and can read it on the watch and even reply by speaking. I bought Snowy, a personal assistant app, which can do quite a few things. Mostly I'm looking forward to using my watch as a shopping list because the phone is pretty awkward to carry while shopping.

Garrett planted the garden today. Here's his photo I stole.

Chives, spinach, carrots, red radish, mesclun greens, onion, icicle radish, and an empty spot for more of whatever does best. He'll also plant potatoes in the corners. I tried my hand at gardening last year and didn't really enjoy it, so I'm glad he wants to do it this year.

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I love it!! BTW, in case you need it or just want to peruse and haven't found it yet, there's a rather active sub reddit about Pebble.


I did not realize that snowy was so robust! I'm using Checklist - used it this morning in the grocery store. Totally perfect to have your list on your wrist.

I also have Checklist and it might be the winner for longer lists because you can mark items off and remove them. Snowy's list isn't like that.

I love gardening, I wish I had a yard!

Are there any community gardens in your neighborhood?

Not that I know of, though I bet Portland has lots of them. I should research this!
Last summer AJ bought a few plants for our balcony, including catnip & basil, but it got too hot and they died.

I'd be interested to see how you get on with the Pebble - really like the look of them but they are a bit big for my wrists size and I'm not sure if I'd want to wear it all the time. Are you going to track your sleep with it?

I've gone from a Fitbit Flex to a Fitbit Charge to a Jawbone Up 3 and I've just got a Fitbit Alta. My main reason to change was that the Alta will give me text and phone alerts. I can read the texts on the band and get notifications about who is calling. I like how slim it is too - very comfortable to wear in bed.

I can't remember if I mentioned it here or not, but I finally told my doctor I'm interested in a sleep study because I've always had a lot of sleep issues and they've gotten so much worse in the last few weeks. The sleep and pulmonary department called, and the first time they can get me in was in a month! So I figured it'd be interesting to see what a device says about my sleep in the meantime. And it's pretty terrible, ha.

I've got pretty big wrists so it's not too bad. It's been strange getting used to wearing a watch again. I had one that I really loved about five years ago and I stupidly left it at the movies and haven't worn one since.

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