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Beholden to batteries

I was looking forward to today's walk because I wanted to see how well Pebble integrates with MapMyRun, the phone app I use to keep track of my workouts and generate those maps I always post. I also wanted to compare the step count it generates compares to the estimate from the app. A while before I left, my watch buzzed and there was some notification about power. I hooked it up and it wasn't too long before it said it was fully charged, but soon I'd see that was clearly not true.

When I start the app, the face of my watch displays the same stats from MapMyRun that are in the notification bar on my phone, which are time elapsed, distance, and pace. Pretty useful if you're trying to walk until you reach a certain distance or time, or if you're trying to keep up a certain pace. But if it's steps you're interested in, that'll have to come from a different app or you can check the day's total in the Health tab. I don't think the steps that are collected by the watch integrate into the app results, but I won't know for a couple of days at least because my watch ran out of power. First it warned that it had enough power to last until this evening, then this morning, and then it just started displaying the time and a plug icon to indicate it wanted power.

My phone also had an issue starting yesterday that I didn't figure out until today. It's almost too stupid to mention. I thought that as soon as I'd installed the Pebble software, the battery life indicator was busted. It stayed at 100% and said I should unplug the phone, even though it wasn't plugged in at all. I'd tried restarting the phone several times, so when I got home I decided to try to drain the battery to see if emptying it and recharging would help. Eventually the notification went away and I decided to recharge it with my phone's case, which has an additional one. Only nothing happened when I flipped the switch. And it was in the off position. The reason the phone was acting like it was plugged in all the time is that it essentially was, because the case was charging it constantly. Oops!

I'm beginning to think I'm some sort of reverse psychic. It hasn't rained much in the last few days and last night I thought maybe today would be the day to return to the side trails. But when I pulled out of the garage, it was obvious that it had rained a lot overnight. That's fine. Until the sun comes up a little earlier, I don't have as much time to walk in the morning anyway. Today I got up to get ready 40 minutes before dawn, though I lost a little time setting up my phone mount in the car. I thought I'd found the perfect spot in the top right corner of the windshield, but that's the one spot where the windshield wipers don't reach, so the center of the dash it is. For now.

It was quite dark when I got to the gulch.


Pretty nice walk, though. As always, I had to stop and enjoy that moment when the trees all blended together to form a perfect texture.


And I walked closer to get a better picture of the mossy graffiti I posted the other day.


Today's awesome walk, 3.58 miles in 1:12, 7,707 steps, 395ft gain
3.58 miles in 1:12, 7,707 steps, 395ft gain

Sometimes it feels dumb to post the map of a similar walk several times in a row, but I like having the record. And when I process too many in a row that are similar, it makes me want to figure something else out to do.


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