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Refining and workarounds
Press Your Luck
I was all set to go this morning in the pool with the Pebble on my wrist to keep track of time and count my laps. It was working great, but then the same thing happened that I experienced yesterday during my walk. It said it had enough energy to make it to the evening, then the morning, then it died. They definitely need to release an update, but I've figured out what I need to do in the meantime. If I connect it to the charger, the Pebble will report pretty quickly that it's fully charged, but that likely won't be true. If I turn it off and back on, I can get a more accurate reading, and today it said 20% the first time I looked after putting it on the charger.

It's hooked up and should be fully charged by now, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to keep it mostly charged by taking it off when I wake up, plugging it in, and leaving it until I go for a swim or walk. I'm so used to just charging devices overnight, but I'm using the watch to track my sleep patterns, so that's not an option.

I mentioned in another post that my phone turned out to be a much better dashcam than the dashcam that I bought. Here's how sharp the video can look.

It took me a while to choose how to mount it. My original clip that I've been using when I want to navigate with my phone wasn't working because the angle was all wrong and I couldn't figure out how to get it to release. So I ordered a kit with a visor clip, a vent clip, and one that can stick to the windshield or a disc you can stick to the dash. The visor clip was my first choice, because I figured if I hung it from the passenger side visor, it'd be nice and high and I wouldn't see the wipers all the time. The angle was wrong, though, because it's designed to tilt the phone down a bit for visibility. The vent clip wasn't an option because the vents are way too low and the phone's too heavy for the clip to stay on a vent. I liked it on the dash horizontally, but felt the angle wasn't high enough, so I finally settled on having the phone mounted vertically there to get the lens a couple of inches higher.

And wouldn't you know it, the angle everything was at was too heavy, and it pulled the sticky disc off the dash. Figures.

But all that lit a fire and I finally managed to get my original clip moved over a bit, and now understand exactly how it works in case it needs to be moved again. I won't have to pry it off with a screwdriver again.

Since I want to be able to share things I happen to see while driving, the quality's important. Here's the earlier shot I got of the weed store's billboard along with one I got today. The phone was mounted vertically at the time and I think I could have gotten an even better screenshot if it was horizontal. Maybe I'll go a block out of my way tomorrow for a third shot.

Aside from the technology fiasco, the swim was good. The tip from susandennis to lick my goggles to keep them clear works quite well, and I did laps for 50 minutes. My next swim is the last on my ten-pack, and I think I'll go ahead and buy another after that. Forest Park isn't open again for another three weeks, and I think once it's open I'll still want to use both pools.

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I thought of you when I liked my goggles this morning :) - glad it worked.

It's weird about your Pebble, tho. I use mine to track sleeping, too but it never runs out of juice. I've never seen it below 70%. I plug it in while I watch TV at night. Takes maybe an hour or less to from 70/80% to 100. I wonder if you have some kind of problem with yours?

When I had a question, I send an email to their customer service and got an answer that fixed it within about 30 minutes one evening. I was impressed.

I think the battery life will be fine, but I've just never had it fully charged because it said it was charged, when it wasn't, and plugging it in for any length of time makes it report that it's at 100% until I restart it. Knowing all that, I think it'll be fine, but since I didn't know, I was leaving the house for high-power activity with almost no juice. But we'll see tomorrow.

I'm sure it's an issue they addressed before releasing the Round that they just have to get around to sending out to a lot of Times.

I thought the pebble was supposed to have quite a good battery life? Is it possible you have a faulty one? My first Fitbit charge had a problem with the battery and I checked on a few forums to see if it was actually a problem and confirmed it. They were really good and sent me a new one.

See my comment above. I think it'll be fine but today will be a good test. I've just been thinking it was charged when it wasn't.

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