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Learning curve
Press Your Luck
The watch is doing much better. I charged it yesterday between when I got up and when I went for a walk, and now after wearing through the walk, and ever since then, it's still showing 80%. That includes this morning's swim. Not everything went as planned, though. I got in the pool this morning and selected the swim.com app, only to get a "not connected" error message. Of course it wasn't connected, as the phone was in my shorts pocket back in my locker, much too far away for Bluetooth to connect. That didn't matter the last time, but I'd done a factory reset since then, so of course the watch needed to connect to the phone to get the info I'd entered. Makes total sense. I didn't feel like taking the snorkel and goggles off to go back to the locker room and get everything set up, so I figured next time would be the time to try out the app, and I could at least see how many "steps" I'd get while swimming.

50 minutes in the pool netted me about 2,800 "steps", which is almost exactly half the ratio of steps per minute as I got yesterday while walking. It makes sense; I'm a somewhat fast walker and a pretty slow swimmer.

The watch is pretty great for its other uses. I appreciate how all the dumb little notifications my phone gets throughout the day show up on it and I can dismiss them with the press of a button. It doesn't make them disappear from the phone, but they can all be dismissed as a batch later on. I didn't do the best job putting on the screen protector, but there are five more in the package I ordered.

I'm pretty sure I've found the best spot for my phone to work as a dashcam. It works great in the lower left corner of the windshield and the videos are amazing. It was sunny out today when I drove home from the grocery store, and everything looked gorgeous. It's now sitting horizontally, too, which helps a lot. Here's the latest shot of the billboard which I've chosen as the test card.

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Can you select specific activities to log on the pebble? On my Fitbit I can say I went (for example) to belly dancing on 'My Fitness Pal' - which I've linked to the Fitbit app - and it will log that as a different activity if I enter the time I did the class. It's quite useful.

Do you take your phone with you and leave the dashboard cam in the car still or have you abandoned the dashboard cam altogether?

Sorry - too many questions but I do love a gadget! *g*

I haven't downloaded any specific apps for walking but whether or not you do, it'll track your steps and your sleep all day, every day, and those can be viewed in a graph. I might try a walking app eventually but I already keep track of them with MapMyRun and am satisfied with the estimated steps it provides for the walks.

I've taken the dashboard cam down since the phone does a much better job. Another advantage of the phone is that I can review the video right on it or make a vine, send it to Google Drive to get a good screenshot on the computer, etc. You can watch the videos on the dashcam but it was mounted in a spot where I couldn't see much of the screen, and it connects to its mount with a long screw. You can pop the memory card out of the dashcam, put it in the adapter, put the adapter in the card reader, hook up the card reader, and finally see it on the PC. A bit of a pain. But then if you want to make a vine? The video's not on the phone yet. The time I made the vine of myself waving at the camera, I actually pointed the phone at my laptop screen.

Making long videos on the phone is a real battery killer, but my case can recharge my phone completely. Been using it a lot this week. I need to pick up a charger that connects to the cigarette lighter to see if it can keep up.

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