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Another extremely exciting update
Press Your Luck
Remember the office chair I bought that wouldn't stop sinking which I tried to return, only to find out that because it was more than 30 days after the purchase, I had to file a claim with the purchase protection company I'd bought a policy with? If you don't remember, it turned out that they decided to just send me the money, leaving me with a chair that I liked, except for the fact that it sinks quite frequently.

I wanted to figure out a way to fix it. After all, it's not like I need the mechanism to work properly. I want it to stay all the way up, all the time. It doesn't need to move up and down to keep me happy. So what if I could just prop it up somehow? And that's when I realized, someone has probably thought of this already. And that's correct.

I think my search term was "office chair repair." If you search that, you'll see results for replacing and repairing the gas cylinder, but as I mentioned, that's more of a fix than I was looking for. But right there alongside that suggestion in the sponsored results, something caught my eye.

Sinking Office Chair? - chair-saver.com‎

Fix it quick without buying a new chair or replacing the cylinder!

It's kind of like bracelets for your chair. Big thick bracelets you can slip on. Exactly what I was looking for. Less than $23 total and it took me less than a minute to slip them on. They left a gap of less than half an inch, perfectly acceptable.

Always google it, somebody probably already made the thing you need.

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That is so cool. Free Chair!

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