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New hair
Press Your Luck
I didn't go to the pool for several weeks last time I colored my hair because I was worried about ruining the color. It didn't matter much because at that time, I was only going once a week and swimming for about half an hour each time. Now I'm going 2-3 times a week, and I like to stay in the pool for an hour. That's going to be the routine for the foreseeable future, so I began to wonder if I should just never color my hair again. I figured an experiment was in order. The salon is using WebOpenings to offer short-notice appointments at a discount, so I signed up for an appointment yesterday.

I've still got a couple of weeks before my neighborhood pool opens. That one's a chlorine pool, and I've been swimming in salt water at Snohomish. Salt water's got to be easier on hair color, so phase one of the test will be to see how it holds up there. Once Forest Park opens, I might get the color re-done if it's worn off a bit and see what happens. I actually don't even need to get my hair very wet when I'm there since I tread water in that pool.

Anyway, here's the before:


In the steamer:


New color lit by their new circle light:


Outside with sunlight and glasses:

One last one with glasses and sunlight.

I like this new color, though not quite as much as the last time I dyed it. She said part of what she used that time has been discontinued, which is unfortunate. However, she also said they recently did a class about different effects they can achieve with silver dye, so I might try something different soon. One example she mentioned was a denim color, which sounds kind of fascinating and trashy at the same time.

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Last time I dyed my hair purple, I did a bunch of research to find out how to get good color that lasts, and what I learned is that it's all about the cuticle.

Bases like peroxide or bleach (and chlorinated pool water basically super-diluted bleach) make the cuticle of the hair open up, which lets pigments escape. Acids close it back down, trapping the pigment inside. So if you're dying your hair at home, a vinegar rinse afterwards will help fix the color. And conditioner and dye-friendly shampoos are less alkaline than normal shampoo.

The consensus for swimming pool protection is to wet your hair with tap water first, rub a little oil through it, and wear a swim cap. The point being to keep the chlorinated water from being able to soak into your hair in the first place.

I would say on top of that, if you hair feels at all dry or rough after you get out of the pool, that means the cuticle is open, so rinse the pool water off and condition the heck out of it until it feels nice and smooth again.

Thanks! I normally condition at home but not at the pool, so perhaps a little bottle of conditioner for my swim bag's in order. I'm curious if oil under the swim cap would also be helpful.

I dread wearing a swim cap, though. Seems so constricting. But hey, good hair color is worth it.

It's so annoying when they discontinue a hair colour you like isn't it!

Seriously! That last one was awesome!

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