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Mud = dum
Press Your Luck
Of course I'm glad that I've found a way to walk at Japanese Gulch any time I want. If I bypass the lower part of the main center trail by following the railroad tracks, a walk up to the top and the end of the first service road and back is a good 3.75 miles with a nice climb, and I can even start when it's still quite dark. But it's pretty frustrating to walk past all those awesome side trails and just keep going. I might have to try Rusty Car or head up to the ballfields via the Garbage Can Plateau soon.

I caught a nice glimpse of the moon as I started up the tracks yesterday.


The sun came up and I could see just how muddy it really was.


Doesn't seem to be an issue for mountain bikers.


Today's awesome walk, 3.68 miles in 1:12, 7,918 steps, 393ft gain
3.68 miles in 1:12, 7,918 steps, 393ft gain

If you compare this map to the other recent ones, you can see I went a little further. That bit of trail that leads away from the end of the service road that I've been wondering about is not currently overgrown, though I had to bend over while I walked part of it. There is indeed a way to keep going past the retention pond and over to the next two service roads, but I didn't attempt it due to all the mud.


I even had a little trouble when I turned back, the trail was that slippery. I'm tempted to go tomorrow for a longer walk, maybe one that crosses over the creek twice so I can get some good distance in. But I also am curious to see what it's like over at Langus Riverfront Park and Spence Island since it was so flooded last time I was out there. We'll see.

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Wow that's really muddy! Very wet or just thawed out icy ground?

It only got cold enough this winter for it to freeze once. We've just been getting a lot of rain. Like, a lot a lot. The region has a reputation for being rainy, but it doesn't usually rain here like it does in the movies. There will be a lot of rainy days, but it's usually more mist than anything. It's been strange to see sudden heavy downpours lately.

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