christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Fogs and figures

One of the things I like about driving out to Snohomish to swim is that there will often be thick fog everywhere in the valley that I won't be expecting to see at all. It's one of the reasons I wanted to get the dashcam hooked up. The best part is when you can see a huge wall of it just sitting there as you approach.


One thing that's interesting is that the camera has a way bigger field of vision than I do. I couldn't see the moon at all from where I was sitting, but I noticed it on the footage.


My swim was great! I did a full hour, only having to stop momentarily for minor adjustments. I gave myself a couple of laps without the nose plug when it became uncomfortable, and that helped a lot. And the app on my watch worked. Glad I made a note of the numbers as I was never able to get it to sync to the phone. I know it was a little off because it said I swam 1825 yards. That's 73 times across the pool, which is impossible because I ended up on the same side as I started. But I went ahead and entered it that way in my app and will compare it to future swims.

It was nice to see this at the aquatic center.


And that the fog was holding strong as I left.


It was a pretty rough day due to another night of bad sleep. Strangely enough, I ended up at the movies again, because my father-in-law wanted to see Star Wars. I managed to stay awake all day, though, including at the theater. I had an extra cup of coffee this morning, which probably helped. Hopefully I won't regret that tonight.


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