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I'm so happy to say I slept very well last night, and the Pebble figures agree. 7 hours, 22 minutes of sleep; 2 hours, 55 minutes of deep sleep. That confirms my suspicion that the "deep sleep" figure is a portion of the "sleep" figure, not in addition to it, as I definitely wasn't in bed for over 11 hours. I'm a little sleepy today, but it's the kind I'm used to, not the miserable kind like the last two days were.

The ball of my left foot has been pretty sore from walking on the large gravel that's all around the tracks at the gulch, and figured it'd be a good to give that foot a break by heading down to Lowell to try to catch the sunrise. My timing was great.

Today's one of those days where I took way more pictures than I'd ever make you scroll through here. Click on any of them to have a look around over at flickr.

I've never been down there in the dark so I didn't realize that the weird apartment building's cross lights up.


Awesome sunrise.


See the splash in the lower right corner here?


That was a seal! I stopped for a while to watch him swim and dive.

Also saw a heron!


And lots of geese. I barely missed getting some really good video of geese landing in the water and flying away. I need to get in the habit of just letting the camera roll more often. I can take pictures at the same time, so I may as well.


I guess if I'd gone to Langus I'd have been in fog.


The view of Mt. Rainier was pretty great today. Rare in my neighborhood.


No idea what these are, but they're great.


I can't remember the last time the river was so still. It was neat to see the mist just hang there.


I'm happy to report that the mud on the trail section that leads to the restrooms was mostly dry, and the restrooms are open again!


Here's a view of the bridge I've shown before, from the other side. That train sat there the entire time I was at the park.


Today's awesome walk, 4.72 miles in 1:40, 10,149 steps
4.72 miles in 1:40, 10,149 steps

It's pretty easy to do shorter walks there because it's not that big, but I wanted my 10,000 steps so I looped around a bit. It's nice to have the counter on my wrist so I know how close I am.

Looks like one of the things I wanted to do with the dashcam wasn't realistic. It's not good at capturing stunning views of stuff that's far away. From the car, Mt. Baker looks amazing, but in the camera, it's tiny.


I still manage to get some interesting things sometimes.



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