christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Try, try again

The app on my watch really shit the bed this morning. I thought the 1,825 yards it said I swam on Thursday seemed a little high, but as I watched it fail to keep track today, I decided to use the clock on the wall to time a few laps. It almost always takes me about 50 seconds to get across the pool, which in an hour would be 72 times across. I always lose a couple of minutes for the times I stop to de-fog my goggles, but even with that, 18,25 yards is a lot closer to reality than the 475 my watch said I did today. That's simply not possible, and I saw it stay on the same numbers for several laps. Not sure what its deal is, but I'll keep trying.

It's not a huge deal anyway, as entering the distance and laps didn't make any difference in the estimate of the calories burned in the app. It says 964 either way. And I'm not counting calories. I like counting distances and times, and even if I'm never satisfied with with's doing on my watch, I can install a manual counter if I really want to record the distance. And Forest Park's opening again soon, so I'll probably be doing more treading water again. There's no distance to record there, just time.

The drive out to the aquatic center today was a real treat. I'm used to it being pitch black, but Spring's here and sunrise is happening earlier each day. Today was the first time I drove out where there was a gorgeous sunrise to enjoy the whole time.



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