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Pretty uneventful swim today. Good one, full hour. I left early enough that it was quite dark on the way there, so nothing pretty to show from the dashcam. Unfortunately, the hot tub has been out of service for a few visits now. The competition pool's not very warm, so it's always nice to have a soak afterward. I've decided to uninstall the app on my watch and get a manual counter. Seems easier to just click a button every lap instead of worrying that an automatic one is working correctly. I can even do it at just one end and multiply by 50 yards instead of 25. By this time next week, my neighborhood pool will be open again, and it'll be nice to have that option back.

I got a second air plant, and I'm happy to report that the first one's doing great.

Picked up a second air plant today.

Here's a view that shows the full setup. The green yin-yang shaped thing is a caribiner-style keychain I got at the hardware store a while back, and the chain on the new one is a necklace I got at Michael's specifically for this. I hope the new one grows a lot.

Air plants, full view

While I was getting the new one, I picked an air plant up for my inlaws. Same setup as my original one on the left, but the larger plant in theirs is spiky instead of curly. I wanted to see how the spiky ones look as they grow without committing to getting one myself. And I'm not sure where I'd put any more of them anyway. They have to be where cats can't get to, and in this house, there aren't many places like that.

In fact, the only other living plants in this house are one Garrett has had forever, plus an orchid we got for Garrett's grandma a while back that's been at his parents' for a spell. It doesn't have any blooms on it, and I'm hoping to fix that. It's on top of a very tall bookcase along with Garrett's plant and two fake ones I set up a while ago. And now that I'm typing this, I just thought of a good spot for a few more, so maybe I'll have to order some. Hm.

The cats are their typical selves. Here's Sam yesterday plotting to steal Steve's food.

Plotting to eat food that isn't his

Steve's still constantly on patrol. Though at this particular moment, he's camped out between my calves on the recliner's footrest.


Oh that Star Trek video I made is closing in on 1,500 views on Facebook and has been shared 29 times. I can't tell how many views it's had on tumblr, but it has over 200 notes (likes and reblogs), so I imagine the figure is pretty high.

Got a haircut this morning.

Got my ears lowered

The color you see in this photo is not the color I want. I was in the salon the Friday before last, and again last Friday, and I'm going in once more this Friday. My colorist told me she'd fix it for free if it didn't work out as it faded after the last visit, thankfully. I'm not looking forward to more time in the chair, but I've spent enough money that it's worth it.

Starting sometime last week, I've had an issue where about half an hour after I sit down, my neck will start to slowly tighten up and eventually the pain creeps up my neck and becomes a headache. So it's been a constant routine, because, well, we all have to sit. The morning headache would come, I'd take Advil, and when that wore off, I'd get another headache in the afternoon. It happened at least five days in a row, and even yesterday morning, but the evening headache never came, and I've been able to stave off today's as well. At least, I did it. I've been doing chin tucks, and they either worked or were timed well for whatever issue it was to sort itself out. I think the chin tucks are what's helping, though, because I've felt the initial pops and crackles and tightness today, but that's as far as it went.

Not sure if I mentioned it here, but one of my goals in the last year has been to empty out my Netflix DVD queue. I can't remember how big it got, but the size wasn't really the issue. I just hated that stuff was in there long enough that it would show up and I wouldn't remember why or when I put it in. So I figure once it's empty, I'll get stuff pretty quickly whether or not I move it to the top of the queue, and that'll be nice. For all intents and purposes, I've achieved the goal. I put a DVD in the mail today, have two that I've watched here at home, and one that I'm watching as I type this. My queue has four titles. Two of those are "very long wait" and one won't be released for another two weeks. So, tomorrow they'll get the DVD I put in the mail today and send the one they've got that's available to send. Then I'll wait for the others as they become available. I've been on a 4-at-a-time plan for years. I could save $10 a month by switching to two at a time, but I suppose I'll wait a bit to see if I'm in the mood to seek out some new titles on DVD.

I don't think I watch too many movies, though. If I do anything too much, it's internet. I should really set aside some time each day for making jewelry.



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